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Companies legally obtain your personal data through a variety of public records.  Those companies sell that data which includes your name, home address and telephone number. Under California Government 6254.21, it is now illegal for those companies to post online the names, home addresses and telephone numbers of law enforcement officers, elected and appointed officials, and their immediate family members.  In order to have those companies remove your personal information, they need to be notified that you are a law enforcement officer or elected or appointed official and are demanding removal. has scoured the internet for the various data vendors so you don't have to. We have obtained their addresses and found the correct departments to send your removal demand to.  We have drafted over forty demand letters and envelopes to remove your personal information. By purchasing an ID Removal Package, we will submit the letters on your behalf to the data vendors to demand removal of your personal identifying information.

Since data vendors constantly merge their companies, rebrand their companies under new names, go out of business, and as new companies emerge, ID Removal constantly updates our databases to reflect those changes to keep our product up to date.

Privacy Packages

 Premium ID Removal Package

Let us take care of everything for you! With the Premium Package, we obtain your electronic signature after your purchase. We print the demand letters and mail them for you. This package also includes removal of your spouse and children’s data at no additional cost. We also electronically submit removal requests to an additional sixteen companies.  The cost of the Premium Package is only sixty-nine dollars.

Basic ID Removal Package

Our basic package includes over forty drafted letters and pull and seal security tint envelopes.  We send them to you so all you need to do is sign the letters and drop them in the mail! Also included are sixteen additional opt-out demands that we submit electronically.  The cost of the Basic Package is fifty-four dollars.

Additional Services

All packages include the option to opt out of prescreened offers and to add your telephone numbers to the national do not call list. This will greatly reduce unwanted telephone calls and unsolicited mail to your home. This service is included in all packages at no additional charge.  We can also submit a request to blur out your house on Google Street View at no additional cost.

Basic Package, for an additional ten dollar fee, we can include demand letters for your spouse and adult children living in your home.  This is included at no additional cost in the Premium Package.

If you selected the Premium Package, we offer a Monitoring Service for an additional twenty-five dollars per year. We monitor the data vendors for your personal information and submit removal requests on your behalf each time a record resurfaces. Additionally, as new data vendors emerge, we will promptly send letters demanding your removal. Once per year, we will notify you via e-mail or postal mail (your choice) about which vendors we submitted demand letters to. Customers can cancel the monitoring service at any time.

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