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Companies (i.e. Lexus-Nexus, CLEAR, Choice Point, and Zaba-Search) data mine public records and data from other sources, and post virtually every name and address online.  They offer information that is already made available to the public from court documents along with information gathered from other records.  Those companies sell or give away that information on the internet and make it available to everyone.  Some of those companies post only some  of your information on their website such as your name, age and city you live in all for free in hopes of the person purchasing the company's entire lengthy records they have gathered all about you.

When Government Code 6254.21 was established, it allowed law enforcement and other public officials to have their names along with their home addresses removed from public and private databases.

Shortly after this statue was enacted, we searched for over two hours to find the data vendors that displayed our names and home addresses.  We not only had to research which companies had our personal identifying information, but we had to find out how to get our personal identifying information removed.  Over ninety percent of the companies only accepted letters sent through regular mail.  Unfortunately, e-mail is not an option.  This created more work in finding their business addresses along with the correct department to send our opt-out request to.  Many companies hide their business address and phone number so we had more research to do.  Once we found the companies, we drafted letters demanding the removal of our personal information, signed them, purchased envelopes and postage, and then mailed the letters. 

The task was very time consuming and in the end, it took several long hours.  That wasn't the end.  Once we demanded our removal, we had to continuously search the internet to make sure our personal information did not resurface.  Even though Government Code 6254.21 outlines that our request for removal remains in effect for four years, new companies emerge and the process starts all over again.  Keeping up to date on your privacy is a very time consuming task.

As a company made specifically by law enforcement officers for law enforcement officers, we know you lead a busy life.  Not many of you have several hours to dedicate to this daunting task.  You can save your valuable time and have us do the work for you!   We not only provide the letters, but we provide the envelopes, postage, and can mail them for you.  We can even monitor the database companies to make sure your personal information is removed and we keep on monitoring it throughout the year to continue to make sure it stays removed.

Please explore our website to get all of the answers you need about our products.  If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.


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