ID Removal Monitoring Service

For customers that order the Premium ID Removal Package, they have the option to add the ID Removal Monitoring Service to their order.  For an additional twenty-five dollars per year ID Removal will continue to monitor databases for your personal information.  If we find a database company fails to remove your information, we send them additional notification.  If we find that your information resurfaces for whatever reason, we will send additional removal demands.

As new people search / database vendors emerge or old companies are rebranded into new ones, your personal information that was once suppressed could emerge.  As we continue to add new databases to our list of companies that post your personal information online, we will continue to send them removal demands for your information.

Every year, we will provide a summary of new database companies that we identified along with a summary of the companies that we submitted removal demands to throughout the year.  You have the option to cancel at anytime throughout the year and we will refund the yearly fee.  For additional details, please see the Terms of Service.

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